Wallmount 12: Bristan's answer to easier installs

Bristan’s Wallmount 12 technology makes installing, maintaining and upgrading bar showers a much easier job, which is always the company’s aim. With unique design and features, the award-winning fixing kit is perfect for installers, whether you’re working on a small-scale domestic job or a large-scale build.

Wallmount 12: Bristan's answer to easier installs Bristan has created the ultimate guide to our Wallmount 12 fixing kit, read on to find out more…

Wallmount 12: No need to change existing pipework

The Wallmount 12 sits in front of the tiling on the pipework, making it great for renovation projects. By limiting the changes to existing pipework you’re able to finish jobs in a shorter space of time – what’s not to like?

It’s also ideal for new build installations, where plumbers may wish to connect water supply at first fix and install the shower at second fix, without interfering with tiling or sealing work.

Isolating the water supply

The award-winning customer inspired fixing kit features two front-facing isolation valves, allowing you to isolate the water supply with the turn of two grub screws – rather than switching it off at the mains. This means that the rest of the house can still have running water, whilst limiting the risk of damage to the bar shower during the installation process.

The unique design and its innovative rubber seals also means the bar doesn’t have to be installed until a later date and also ensures there’s no water ingress into the wall cavities. The isolation screws also allow for easier off wall servicing of the valve if required.

Designs for every customer

Installers are always at the forefront of our mind when designing our products, which is why our core range of bar showers are fitted with the Wallmount 12 fixing kit as standard. There’s a bar shower to suit every taste, customers can opt for modern simplicity with our recently refreshed Buzz bar shower or a more stylish soft-angular design with our Craze bar shower.