Wetrooms are a great way of utilising space effectively and can be installed on both the ground and upper floors of your home, whether the floor is of timber or concrete construction. Mark Vitow explains more.

TOP SIX ADVANTAGES OF A WETROOM A wetroom is a completely waterproofed bathroom with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. Wetrooms have walls and flooring that are ‘tanked’, meaning they have been sealed with waterproofing membranes. They are typically designed with a sloping floor which is used to guide water towards a drainage system so that excess water flows into your waste water system.

Wetrooms have many benefits, such as:


Wetrooms help create a functional, practical and useable space without requiring bulky fixtures and fittings. They are particularly great for small spaces, making them feel much larger without feeling closed in by a traditional shower tray.

Aesthetically pleasing

From a purely aesthetic point-of-view, a wetroom brings an undeniable wow-factor to your bathroom, providing a modern and stylish look and feel. Converting your bathroom into a wetroom adds a minimalist style to your home and can feature many different luxury materials such as marble, stone, resin and tiles. Grates are available in stainless steel, tileable or in the same colour as your shower and taps. The design possibilities are endless, allowing your creativity to run away with you.


Wetrooms are much more convenient for those who have restricted movement, such as the elderly or disabled, as the floor is the same level with no trip hazard. There is no need for stepping up into a shower tray, making access to the shower much easier and safer. 

Easy to Clean

Given the absence of fittings and fixtures, wetrooms are very easy to clean. If you consider installing a wall-hung toilet and floating basin you would have a bathroom floor completely free from obstacles and clutter meaning that you are able to clean the entire floor with ease, reducing the likelihood of any potential mould and mildew building up.


When properly installed wetrooms are completely waterproof, providing reassurance that water will not leak through any of the walls or floor. This also means a wetroom can potentially be installed on any floor of your house.

Easy to install

If you're thinking of transforming your old bathroom into a fantastic new wetroom, planning is key. It may seem like a complex project, but it can actually be relatively straightforward. Mark Vitow Ltd offers the MV AquaLinear Wetroom Kit for timber and screed floors which includes sloping board, drain, and waterproofing membrane, designed to make installation easier (the drain can also be purchased on its own for screed applications). Mark Vitow offers handy step-by-step guides and videos which show just how simple wetroom installation can be using MV AquaLinear, the most cost effective linear wetroom kit on the market.

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