Accumulator tanks provide a great solution for increasing a home’s water flow and pressure above 12l/min. Depending on the size of tank, our AccuBoost tanks can provide flow of up to 36l/min per tank.

HOW TO SIZE THE RIGHT ACCUMULATOR TANK However with many different size tanks available, it’s important to make sure that you specify the tank that is able to provide the home’s required flow rate.

Here we explain what you need to consider to size the right accumulator tank.

What’s the required flow rate?

The first step is to calculate the flow rate per minute of all the outlets that the home wants to run at any one time.

Once this has been calculated, identify which size tank will provide this flow rate for 9 minutes (the average length of a shower).

Here is a rough guide that you can use, showing what our pumped tanks can offer per 9 minutes:

•             60L tank - up to 14l/min

•             120L tank - up to 16l/min

•             180L tank - up to 18l/min

•             300L tank - up to 30l/min

•             450L tank - up to 36l/min

How much space is available?

Another consideration is the amount of space that the home has available. A 60L model will fit into a standard 500mm standard kitchen base unit. A 120L model will fit into a 500mm larder style kitchen unit and the 180L/300L model will fit into a 600mm larder style kitchen unit with the back removed although the tanks don’t have to be situated in the kitchen.

If the space available is limited, you might have to go with a smaller model, which would mean running fewer outlets simultaneously. However, an alternative option is to link multiple tanks together to gain additional capacity and make the solution flexible to the space you have available.

Does the home have an unvented system?

One final point to consider is whether the home has an unvented system, as this would require a minimum capacity of 300 or 450 litres.

You can view the full AccuBoost accumulator tank range here.