Low water pressure is a problem for installers and householders alike. For the householder it’s poor shower performance or slow filling baths, for an installer it could mean that they don’t have the flow rates necessary for the product they were planning to install.

WHEN TO SPECIFY AN ACCUMULATOR TANK There are an ever increasing number of products on the market which help to boost the flow and pressure of the incoming mains supply, including inline pumps and accumulator vessels, but how do you decide which product is best for the job?

Inline pump or accumulator tank?

The main deciding factor is the flow rate required. 

The majority of homes in the UK can have an inline pump installed to boost incoming mains water flow to up to 12 litres per minute (l/min), in line with the Water Supply and Fittings Regulations (1999). These types of pumps, such as Salamander’s HomeBoost or CombiBoost, sit directly on the incoming mains supply and boost water flow to provide an increased, stable outflow. They are ideal for use with smaller combination boilers, increasing the flow rate to the optimum level.

However, if a home requires a flow greater than 12l/min, usually larger homes with multiple bathrooms, then an accumulator tank is required. These tanks store cold water under pressure to provide a boost flow and pressure when required.

Salamander’s Accuboost accumulators come in a range of sizes to suit the household’s needs and can provide flow rates of up to 36l/min per tank.  If an even greater flow rate is required then multiple tanks can be linked together

What plumbing system does the home have?

Inline pumps are suitable for homes with combi-boilers, where accumulator tanks are suitable for homes with either a combi-boiler or unvented system. It’s important to note that while all AccuBoost tanks are suitable for a combi boiler, a home with an unvented system would require at least either a 300 or 450 litre size tank. The size of these tanks and space required to house them must be taken into consideration.

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