Consumer benefits - what makes tado° stand out?

With over 1.5m smart thermostats installed across the UK and Europe, tado° is the market leader in smart heating and cooling controls. Due to the impact of coronavirus, working from home is becoming semi-permanent and smart thermostats are in higher demand than ever, but what is different about tado° and their products?

Consumer benefits - what makes tado° stand out? Save Energy and Money

On average, tado° users save an average of 22% on their heating bills, versus running their same schedule with traditional heating controls. With the average annual heating bill coming in around £730, this results in the equivalent of over £160 saved per year. tado° does this by using several energy-saving features to optimise heating use. This includes Geofencing which ensures the heating is turned down when the last person leaves home. Open Window Detection reduces the heating when an open window or door is detected, while tado° also adapts to the outside weather for optimal efficiency.

tado° is so confident that customers will save energy with their Smart Thermostats, that if your customer is not satisfied that tado° has saved them enough in the first 12 months, they can claim their money back in full with the tado° Energy Savings Guarantee.

Unrivaled User and Customer Experience

Rated over 4 out of 5 on Amazon, Trustpilot, and both app stores, tado° offers an unmatched user experience. tado° Smart Thermostats help users improve their comfort by ensuring that homes are always at a comfortable temperature. Users enjoy the perfect temperature in every room according to their needs. tado° also provides users with more peace of mind by helping to improve the air quality in homes. This is done by giving insights, tips and advice on current air quality and on how to improve this within the home.

You’re in Control

With the Smart Schedule, tado° lets users set temperatures for their home based on their daily routine. Set it, forget it and save energy. When customers upgrade to tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats, they can also set independent heating schedules for every room. These enable individual radiator control, giving customers additional comfort in the rooms that they are using, without wasting energy heating unoccupied rooms. In addition, tado° seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit for voice control.

Insight and Transparency

tado° provides its users with detailed oversight of their heating use and savings. The Climate Report shows users live temperature and humidity graphs in their homes and in every room where a tado° is installed. Moreover, users can see exactly when their heating system was on and for how long. Finally, the tado° Energy Savings Report gives a monthly overview of total savings with tado°. It does this by analysing how much the energy-saving features were used during the times that their heating schedule would normally have been running, thus giving customers a direct savings figure versus a traditional thermostat.